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Project Description


Fine silver raised tumblers and jug on a burnt oak stand


In the sixth century St. Brendan embarked on a legendary voyage that some believe took him to North America. In search of the Island of Paradise he built a traditional Irish boat called a currach and along with a group of pilgrims he fasted for forty days then set out onto the Atlantic Ocean. During his adventure at sea St. Brendan encountered sea monsters, sheep the size of oxen, and talking birds singing psalms. They encountered great demons who threw down lumps of fiery slag from an island with rivers of gold fire and sailed past great crystal pillars on the sea. Many now believe these to be references to the volcanic activity around Iceland, and to icebergs. Finally they found the Island of Paradise, a land lush with vegetation, fragrant with flowers and abundant in fruit and colourful stones. After staying for 40 days an angel told the men to return home. When St. Brendan came back home pilgrims flocked to his side to hear the sensational story.