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Project Description


Sterling silver ring.


A Druid prophesied that Deirdre would become the most beautiful woman who ever lived. However he warned that much blood would be shed because of her and she would become known as ‘Deirdre of Sorrows’. Conchobar, the King of Ulster, aroused by the description of Deirdre’s future beauty arranged for a nurse to bring her up in seclusion. He planned to marry her when she was old enough and keep her away from the eyes of other men to ensure that the druid’s prophesy would not come to pass. Deirdre spent many years in isolation in a deep forest. She longed for company and one day she convinced her nurse to allow her to travel beyond the forest. During this trip she came across a group of warriors training in the fields. She fell instantly in love with one of them, Naoise. Naoise on seeing Deirdre also fell in love at first sight. Understanding that their love would cause King Conchobar great anger they eloped to Scotland with Naoise’s brothers. King Conchobar was furious about the betrayal and attacked Naoise and his brothers. Naoise was hit by a spear to the spine and as he lay dying he saw his brothers being overpowered and beheaded. Deirdre was forced into a loveless marriage with King Conchubar which ended when she died by her own hands.