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Project Description

Napkin Rings

Sterling silver chased and repousse napkin rings


In ancient Ireland there lived a King called Lir. He lived with his wife and their four beautiful children, Fionnuala, Aodh, Fiachra and Conn. The children’s mother died when they were young, and they missed her terribly. Wanting to keep the children happy Lir married Aoife who, it was said, possessed magical powers. Aoife loved the children and Lir at first, but soon she became very jealous. One day she took the children to swim in a lake. When they got there Aoife used her powers to turn the children into swans for 900 years. But Aoife’s spell had not taken away the children’s voices and their sweet sorrowful singing haunted many a lake during this time. After 900 years the spell was broken and they turned back into their human form only to die of old age instantly.