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About Me

Aoife is currently partaking in the starter studio programme at Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield. In 2011 she completed a postgraduate course for the Development of Young Silversmiths at Bishopsland Educational Trust, Reading. In 2010 she received a BA Hons Degree at the University of Ulster in Belfast, and in 2007 she completed a BTEC Diploma in Art and Design at the NWIFHE in Derry City.

Inspired by illustration and film she uses silver as a 3-dimensional platform of which to transfer the detailed and ornate style of her drawings. Aoife has a great appreciation of traditional techniques in particular chasing, repousse, and engraving. For her, silver is the perfect material as she finds its reflective qualities highlights the detail. The repetitive strike of the hammer to manipulate the metal gives her a therapeutic escape from the busy outside world.